Why Should You Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

With the legalization of Marijuana in Canada for both recreational and medical use, demand for weed seeds has also increased. Many users are now opting to grow marijuana in their homes. Every strain has its share of characteristics according to which they should be planted in a suitable environment. While most of the plants thrive in an outdoor setting, some grow well in an indoor environment. Most of the strains which can be grown both in indoors and outdoors environment give better yield at the outdoor environment.

Why grow outdoors?

Growing in an outdoor environment has many benefits as plants growth is not limited to a fixed place. More space gives more yields and you can grow a variety of crops in an outdoor environment. When you grow outdoors, you need to pick the right strain, which should be able to sustain the harsh climate and weather.

When plants are exposed to direct sunlight, outdoor marijuana seeds produce plants, which grow higher and denser. So you get the same kind of yield like you to get in indoors, with fewer plants.

Growing outdoor is also less costly than growing indoors, nature does most of the things and you don’t have to invest money on maintaining the appropriate environment like you have to do in an outdoor environment.

How climate affect the plants?

  • Warm climate

In a warm environment, especially in the southern hemisphere, seeds which are suitable both for the indoor and outdoor environment can be planted. In regions, where there is a cold climate with short summers, seeds should be planted outside only.

  • Cooler climate

In cold climates, where there is a shortage of sunlight during summers, indica dominant seeds should be planted or auto-flowering seeds as they don’t depend on light to grow.

Where should I plant marijuana outdoors?

  • Sunshine

Cannabis plants grow well in places which have an abundance of sunlight, a minimum of six hours is required for good results.

  • Water

Cannabis thrives in the environment, where there is plenty of rainfall. If they are planted in place which gets less rain, then the plants should be watered regularly.

  • Soil

Organic fertilizers, good drainage and proper ph level (5.8-6.5) should be maintained. Also, it is good to plant seeds directly into the soil for better results.

How much marijuana will you get when seeds are planted outside?

The yield you will get depends upon a variety of factors such as strain type, soil, climate, water and light etc. But it can be indeed said that you will get better yield when plants are grown outside than indoors.

How long outdoor marijuana seeds take to grow?

When marijuana seeds are planted in their outside environment, they take their usual time to grow, which varies from strain to strain. After germinating seeds into the soil, you need to take care of marijuana plants like any other plant.