Tennis aids health for Fairfield Harbour players

Beth Cooper and Sarah Schwartz show that you can social distance even if you play doubles. Everyone comes to the tennis courts with their own water bottles, hand sanitizers, and gear as recommended by the experts. [CONTRIBUTED PHOTO]

Stephen Tignor wrote in the September/October issue of Tennis Magazine the following: “Like everyone else in 2020, tennis players across North America are living in a new sometimes nerve wracking world. Yet even as the pandemic has closed down gathering places and brought daily life to a halt, the court has become a sanctuary for many. ONLY IN TENNIS can you get all the exercise you need in the open air, and still stay 70 feet away from the person you’re playing.”

Fairfield Harbour Tennis players stayed off the courts in the early spring and then were sidelined by the construction of the new courts. As soon as we received the go ahead to play, players began to cautiously sign up. Players have done their part to practice the social distancing rules and other protocol required in this COVID era and all agree it is worth it. When people are working from home, not traveling or seeing family or gathering with friends, it wears on you mentally. The benefits of playing a sport you love for even an hour and a half takes your mind off everything else and the exercise keeps your body tuned. Ask any tennis player!